Hello there, I'm Kerisa and I am so excited to meet you!


I currently live in the Florida Keys with my wonderful husband and adorable dog, Babee, in our '82 VW Westfalia Vanagon. Our goal is to eventually road trip around the world in the van! 

I started out as a graphic designer with a background in digital marketing and spent years designing just about everything from posters, maps, signs, websites, social media graphics and so much more for a wide array of businesses. This meant that I became more of a jack of all trades designing in a ton of different styles, but now I have the joy of creating designs that I personally love and am ecstatic about creating.

I love creating playful, fun, whimsical designs that make you smile. Telling stories through images is my passion. My illustrations are usually kid centric with an added dash of cute and colorful with a textured graphic feel.




0 5 .  FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Office & baking shows

0 6 .  CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: coffee... I've tried

0 7 .  PERSONAL STYLE: comfy, beachy, casual

0 8 .  WILL ALWAYS LAUGH AT: a great pun

0 1 .  WARDROBE STAPLE: yoga pants

0 2 .  GUILTY PLEASURE: watching animal documentaries

0 3 .  GO TO DESSERT: chocolate chip cookies

0 4 .  CURRENT LOCATION: the Florida Keys


I LOVE TO travel, EAT ramen, I'M OBSESSED WITH sloths, AND AM THANKFUL FOR my husband!