Dino Juice

Branding, Messaging, Packaging, Animated GIF, Naming, Merchandise

This design concept was inspired by the idea of introducing children to healthy nutritional drinks in a fun and playful way. 

The inspiration for creating a juice line came from kids love of dinosaurs but usual refusal to eat or drink anything that was green. This sparked the idea of a little creative marketing and package design would get thousands of kids excited about drinking vegetables. 


In regards to design creating simple, cute, colorful, and playful characters was the main focus. The line of juices would be named with a combination of the main vegetable in the drink and the dinosaur that would be used to represent it. The colors used within each of the character designs would represent the color of its corresponding juice flavor and an illustrative representation of an ingredient that is being used. 

Animated GIFs with simple movements would be used throughout the website and social media platforms. This would help bring that dinosaurs to life and add a bit more of the playful branding throughout their collateral.


The logo design is simple so that it would stand out on the labels, and have a bit of a playful element incorporated into it. Below is a preview of the logo progression as the design evolved.

The main color palette can be described as bright pastels. These hues pair nicely with the current colors of the juices and dinosaurs and would still continue to work well as the company grows and more flavors are released.

ShirtDesigns (1).jpg